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Chesnut Challenge

Be Your Own Hero!  


ChesnutChallengegraphicOn Friday, October 2nd, all Chesnut students brought home a packet explaining how to get involved in the Chesnut Challenge, the prizes we have for our students, and the best way to manage donations to our school.

Pre-Pep Rally Challenge!!!  Create your Pledgestar fundraising web page and send out 10 e-mails from it by Thursday, October 8th* and you will be entered into a drawing to win your choice of: one year Family Membership to Fernbank; one year Family Membership to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens ; a 4-pack of 1-day Adventure passes to Stone Mountain Park; one year Family membership to the Atlanta Zoo; or 5 tickets (2 adults; 3 children) to the SkyView Atlanta Ferris Wheel. THREE NAMES WILL BE DRAWN!  We can tell from our end who does so and will enter you in the drawing automatically! (*The Pep Rally is October 8th. You have until 11:59 pm that night to be eligible for the drawing!)


If you didn’t receive a packet, you can get what you need here:

–> Click HERE for your student(s)’ donation webpage setup –
it only takes 4 minutes!

Be Your Own Hero!  The Chesnut Challenge FunRun is October 23rd.  Fundraising starts NOW!   Thank you!!

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Group of Chesnut First Graders Kick Off New School Year With Hands-On Science Lesson on Composting, Planting and Harvesting


Led by parent volunteer Carissa Malone, with first grade teachers Ms. Radford and Ms. Skoog (a School Master Gardener), Chesnut students recently spent time in Chesnut Garden experiencing a hands-on science lesson on composting, planting and harvesting.

radford pumpkinThe students learned it’s never too early to get excited for the fall, as they harvested pumpkins, which they discovered had grown out of the compost into which somebody had thrown a rotten pumpkin last year. They also observed the sweet potato beds that many of them planted their last week of kindergarten. The sweet potatoes will be ready to harvest at the end of October, at which time they will return to Chesnut Garden to do the harvest. Finally, the students also were taught – through example – how lettuce goes to seed when it’s dying. The classes were given the flowering stock of the lettuce plant so that they could pick the seeds out of it and bring them back to Chesnut Garden to plant! More standards-based gardening lessons are in Chesnut students’ future, as Chesnut teachers will soon attend the Project Learning Garden workshop to kick off the school’s three-year collaboration with Captain Planet Foundation

As Featured in the AJC and The Dunwoody Crier – August 2015

Chesnut Charter Update

Thank-you to all our parents and faculty members that participated in the vote concerning the new charter petition, as well as to the Charter Rewrite Committee — a dedicated group of parents who worked on the petition throughout their summer. Chesnut Elementary Front

As you know, in order to maintain our school’s status as a charter after this school year, we would have had to meet new requirements that required changes to Chesnut’s operations. The charter petition required majority approval votes separately from both parents and faculty to proceed with the charter renewal process.

As a majority of Chesnut’s voting faculty voted not to approve the charter petition, the Parent Teacher Council (PTC) will not be moving forward with a charter petition.  We will remain Chesnut Charter Elementary School, running under our current charter for the 2015-16 school year, and will begin the 2016-17 school year as Chesnut Elementary. It is not expected that you will see much change from how we have been operating under our current charter.

Although not petitioning for a new charter might initially be disappointing news to some, the PTC is confident that much good will come out of all the time and effort spent by the Charter Rewrite Committee.  Many ideas incorporated in the charter can be implemented without us being a charter school. In addition, the learning gardens, Captain Planet grants, the wellness focus, writer’s workshop community and much more can and will continue with the assistance and passion of our parents and faculty.

I encourage you to attend the first PTC meeting on August 18th at 6:30 pm and Curriculum Night on August 25th at 6:00 pm.   These meetings are to provide you information about the upcoming school year.

As we get ready to take our children into Chesnut, remember the reasons why you enjoy the school and the environment that your child is in everyday.  Let’s make this year a year of focusing on the future of our children.


Maggie Eckard
PTC Chair

2015-16 School Supply Lists

2015-16 Classroom Supply Lists are now available! 

The K-5 lists are identical to those that were available for pre-order through Staples’ SchoolKidz program.

If your child is in the Discovery program, please also bring:

  • Discovery (The Discovery list was not available for pre-order through SchoolKidz. If you pre-ordered your supplies, and your child is in the Discovery program, you will need to purchase from this list. We apologize for any inconvenience.)


Please remember… the school Agenda can only be purchased from the Chesnut school store – it is available on Open House day.